Saatnya Membicarakan Soal Transfer Pemain Sepakbola Manchester United dan Liverpool sedang mengendus kearah pemain tengah utama milik Arsenal, Alex Song. Song yang berusia 26 tahun ini mencari rute keluar dari klubnya Barcelona. Song meninggalkan Gunners untuk masuk ke Barca dengan uang transfer pemain sepakbola ini sebesar 15 juta pounds di tahun 2012 tetapi sudah berjuang [ Read On… ]

Eds. Note: so here at Broseph Stalin HQ, I’ve resolved that we’ll be doing long-form, edited (wow!) pieces once a week on Mondays (with a few other things sporadically sprinked in). However, every Friday — we’ll be doing a smaller feature from here on in entitled “Meat and Brotatoes” — briefly talking about some projects/research [ Read On… ]

Disclosure: this concept is something I’ve been blahblahing about at events for awhile (and the commentary of David and Ethan from the Berkman Center lunch are definitely worth reading). But, in any case, the idea’s developed a bit since so I’m taking to converting it to an extended text form and hoping that getting harangued [ Read On… ]